miércoles, 28 de septiembre de 2011

It's hard fot me to pin point, where and how i'm doing in life,
nothing has really gone according to plan,
but all that has happened has surprised me and entice me.

miércoles, 21 de septiembre de 2011

"It is undeniable that you are a beloved child of the moon, of the goddess"

This was a moment taken from time
 that stands now to serve as evidence 
that this was,
with all that was and all I grew those years.

I'll never pretend I can or would show all that was
but merely a glimpse, a fragment 
stolen and shared now with you
handle with care.

jueves, 28 de julio de 2011

How some things come to be

It's almost impossible to determine how this drawing came to be. 
For me it was as if the pencil had taken a life of it's own
and the result offered a window 
on all I dared and dare not see 

viernes, 8 de julio de 2011

When in labor - Short letter for a friend

When in labor, try not to wait for the baby, cause it'll make you wake. Try to think that the baby will come when it feels ready, try to make love and feel that the baby is being received with love and all will be well.

I don't want to discredit doctors, but doctors like to discredit women, trust yourself. Every woman before you has given birth, you were made for this, let is happen, relax and try to think Open all the time

Hold this openess, this thought. Ask your partner to remember it to you if he see you frown or tighten during contractions, try moving slowly staying upright if you can, but also alow you body to tell you what it needs. 

Try to let go. and all will be well.